Given it has yet to launch, Welsh Hearts has already gained a large amount of interest from the Welsh Ambulance Service, health organisations and the public. Welsh Hearts is to fill a space in this third-sector market and become the only hearts charity operating completely in and for Wales. Candid was selected as the sole design agency to supply design services and has so far designed the organisation’s brand and logo. Candid will now concentrate on various advertising collateral to include posters, leaflets and banners.

Candid was selected based on a recommendation from another client, and given Candid’s ability to draw upon a wealth of experience in this field from working with other charities such as Royal Voluntary Service and YMCA, Welsh Hearts could appreciate Candid’s ability to tailor the design process to their specific needs in a cost-effective manner. Candid will not only be designer, but also a sounding board to decide on the best way of taking the organisation forward.