The importance of a professional visual style – ‘The Fixer’


I was totally unaware of this program – ‘The Fixer’, presented by Alex Polizzi – until this very week, so I quickly watched the whole of series 1 and the first two episodes of series 2.

The one aspect of each project I was naturally interested in was the branding and marketing of each business. Almost all businesses had their branding updated and there seemed to be two reasons for this:

  1. Whilst the business model was satisfactory from the start, the branding held the business back.
  2. The changes Alex made to the business model were such that the old branding didn’t do justice to the way the business needed to move forward

Using last Tuesday night’s episode on Peachy Pics as a basis, here I’ll re-cap on the points Alex made on the company’s branding and why those changes were important to allow the business to prosper.


Peachy Pics wasn’t entirely sure of the direction the business should take. The branding used at the time (above) reinforced this undecidedness. Alex guided the family through some decisions and they realised that given their skills, interests and location, they could aim to be a higher-end photography studio. As such, neither the name nor the graphic style were suitable and so a full branding exercise was undertaken.

The name change and new visual style gives the business an air of professionalism, something lacking entirely from their old branding. These changes can allow clients to aspire to have photos taken and. Using the family surnames (Peach and Lane) gives a warm personal feeling to the business – the owners have already personally introduced themselves to potential clients through the business name – and in turn, this starts to build on trust levels immediately.

The toned back logo adds to the polished brand, and in a real-life setting where the logo may sit alongside large prints, the stark black and white of the logo will allow the brightness of colour from the prints to take center stage.

Candid Creative Studio works with small businesses, just like Peach Lane Studios, to ensure their branding and marketing is effective and professional to facilitate the business to grow.


Candid Creative Studio provided Rivers & Hughes with a complete branding service to establish the business as a professional, yet personal hair design studio.


After developing and designing the logo and visual style for this small, family bakery, Candid Creative Studio also rolled out the new branding to cover vinyl banners, aprons as well as these product labels. The perceived value of these products immediately increases because they are presented professionally and with care.

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