A Garden by the Sea- Why we Love Penarth


Flicking through the latest issue of Cardiff Life today, we came across a fantastic article about Penarth as the ‘Garden by the Sea’. كيف اربح فلوس The feature focused on the independent businesses striving in our local town and the great minds behind them. It created quite a buzz in the office, and really got us talking about all of the things we love about Penarth too. Of course, we could have gone on for hours, but here’s the short version- our answers to the magazines questions. 

What’s special about this area?

Penarth’s thriving high street is unfortunately a rarity in Welsh towns today. The community completely supports local businesses as they compete against the high street chains, truly backing the inspirational entrepreneurs behind some of the towns biggest success stories. The support of the community has helped shape a wonderful identity for Penarth and encouraged visitors from far and wide to share a unique shopping and dining experience.

As an area, Penarth seems to be changing all the time, what have you noticed of late?

Penarth Pavillion and the Esplanade have undergone a huge transformation over the past few years. العاب من على النت The Pavilion Cinema is a fantastic addition to the town and something the community has truly missed. New businesses like Shore, and James Sommerin’s Restaurant have created quite a buzz and a fantastic shopping and dining experience for visitors and locals alike.

There are lovely gardens and parks and spectacular views to be had- What is your favourite visual detail of the place?

This would definitely have to be the view from the Candid headquarters on Queens Road. We are very lucky to look straight out across the water to Cardiff Bay. It’s breath taking; it’s a view we will never get tired of and creates the most stunning photographs!

What are you personal favourite businesses in Penarth?

We thoroughly enjoyed working for Dear Doris last year; the shop really is an Aladdin’s cave of hidden gems, full of unique gifts and vintage pieces. افلام سرقة سيارات Of course, we are situated only a few doors down from one of Penarth’s most tantalisingly tasty restaurants, the Pilot, where we are sure to spend many a summer evening working our way through the delicious masterpieces on their specials board.

Waterloo Tea is always a favourite when meeting with clients, helping us to feel slightly less guilty when we order far too much cake- Their beetroot and chocolate sponge counts as one of your five a day, we are sure of it.

What single thing would improve life here?

It’s such a beautiful town but less rain would be very much appreciated. Also, as Candid Creative Studio is fairly new to the town, we would love more informal networking events for small business owners. This would be a great opportunity for great minds to come together, collaborate, learn and inspire and help to continue the success of Penarth’s thriving community.

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