Personality in Design- working with Sue Verran and ‘Quirky Homemade’


We have had great fun working with acclaimed musical composer Sue Verran this month. It was a project unlike any other for Candid Creative Studio, working on a visual style for web in promotion of Sue’s latest album ‘Quirky Homemade’.

Growing up in the beautiful rural setting of Wales, Sue taught herself to play guitar and began song writing. After studying music and electronics in London, she quickly found herself performing with celebrated acts such as Ed Sheeran and Paolo Nutini.Sue’s latest album, which is to be sold on the worldwide Audio Network  to various TV and Film production companies, is a celebration of everyday noises and sounds running along the fun narratives of daily life. This week, ‘Quirky Homemade’ is launched and we couldn’t be prouder to be part of its unique journey.

One of the main challenges we considered when we first started working with Sue, was how we could convey both the personality of Sue herself as the artist and the concept of ‘Quirky Homemade’ in a stand out visual style. A good representation of ‘brand’ personality not only allows businesses to differentiate themselves between competitors; it also provides potential clients or consumers with an image that is instantly recognisable and memorable.

The digital nature of Sue’s industry meant that ‘Quirky Homemade’ has the potential to reach audiences worldwide. The album needed to stand out in a crowded online marketplace. An image can influence ears before a ‘play button’ is even pressed so, in Sue’s case, it was vitally important to get across the tone of the album in the visuals.

Our inspiration came entirely from the tracks on the album. Sue’s music is incredibly evocative and led us to imagine scenes where pots and pans came to life and began to dance. It seemed obvious, that the visuals should start to move with the sounds on the album, after all; the visual identity of ‘Quirky Homemade’ needed to be just as catchy as the music itself.

Animation can be a powerful tool when injecting personality in design. Not only does it draw the eye, an animated object conveys emotion far more effectively than a flat image. We still cannot help but smile when we see our animated watermelon being tickled. It provokes a feeling, and a response in the viewer that engages them, it encourages them to discover more- what exactly does a watermelon sound like?

The tone of the design is tongue in cheek; it’s friendly and its truly reflective of the album, Sue and what makes her and her music unique. At Candid, we believe really getting to know our clients and their personalities is the key to design success. People respect a great product or service but they love a brand they can connect with.

Do you need help putting more ‘you’ into your business? Whether you have an existing logo that is in need of a fresh perspective or you’re a new start up looking to visualise your business concept, give us a call to discuss how Candid can help your business reflect your personality.

If you were wondering, this is what a watermelon sounds like.