What does your desk say about you?


organized-deskDesk presentation say’s a lot about a person. الكازينو المباشر Whether you’re a neat freak or a hoarder, the objects on our desk are windows into of our lifestyles, our work ethos and our interests. So what does your desk say about you, and do any of these sound familiar?

Your desk is:

  1. Covered in novelty stationary – This includes pastel coloured staplers, bendy rulers, rubbers in the shape of fruit or cute animals and pens with balls of fluff on the top. You’re an impulse buyer and like a magpie, bright and shiny objects draw you in. Your workspace may look like its full of clutter, but its carefully organised. You will know exactly where your electronic pencil sharpener is when you need it. Your desk literally looks like a shrine to Paperchase, but hey, it’s kitsch right?
  1. No mans land- Aside from the obligatory pen pot, paper tray and coaster (a must), your desk follows a minimal approach. You take pride in your empty space, it shows you’re organised, neat, and precise. You’re always on time for meetings and you almost certainly own a Filofax, maybe even two. The prospect of eating at your desk scares you to your core. ربح مال حقيقي
  1. The office tuck shop – In complete opposite, your desk drawers are bursting with nibbles. You’re an obsessive snacker, and justify it by bringing in yogurt covered raisins and brazil nuts over mars bars.. well, sometimes. You’ve got a pick me up for every occasion and for every starving soul in the office. A reusable coffee cup is a desk essential for you as there isn’t possibly any more room in your bin for empty Costa’s. مطلوب لكازينو You’re the first one to make tea for your colleagues in the morning and enjoy playing ‘host’ when visitors arrive.
  1. The home of Post it Notes- A good heavy book or an old fashioned paper weight is your best friend, as a slight breeze will send you into a state of panic. You’re a list maker, a task checker, a planner. You have nobly taken it upon yourself to assume full responsibility for the office calendar, and take pride in your ‘bossy boots’ title. Your desk is covered in colour-coded post it notes because if you write it down, you simply can’t forget it.
  1. An exhibition of your exciting life – Your desk is creaking under the weight of photo frames and your computer screen saver is changed on a weekly (at least) basis. You’re a globe trotter, a thrill seeker, an adventurer; and you want everybody to know about it. Amongst the endless photographs of you out and about having ‘such fun’ with your friends, there will also be the odd sky dive caught in motion, various poses whilst jumping around on a beach and a photo of you cuddling a tiger.