Has your sign got kerb appeal?



Long standing Candid client, Welsh Hearts, opened its freshly painted doors to the charities first shop, situated in De Winton Street, Tonypany on the 22nd July 2015.

A huge achievement for the local charities loyal volunteers, the new Welsh Hearts shop aims to raise funds in order to achieve more than 100 defibrillators for the whole of Rhondda Cynon Taf.

Since its establishment 2 years ago by Sharon Owen, Welsh Hearts have worked alongside doctors and cardiologists across Wales and to date, have trained 6763 people in CPR and donated 185 defibrillators.

AEJ_1907Welsh Hearts has worked in partnership with Candid Creative Studio since its establishment, and we are incredibly proud to be a part of this next step in the charities journey.  For this most recent project, our team worked on the development of the all-important shop signage. The challenge; to create something that is undeniably shouts Welsh Hearts, but is also eye catching and informative.

For a retail business, sign-age is arguably you’re most affordable and effective form of advertising. It is the one message about your business that everybody can see, regardless of what newspaper or magazine they read or social media channel they are on. It makes an instant impact, and can often be the difference between somebody walking on by and somebody taking a step through the door. Your shop needs ‘kerb appeal’, and your sign will inevitably make or break this.

When was the last time that you stepped outside onto the pavement and really analysed your shop sign-age? Is it still fresh and exciting? Does it still visualise who you are, and what you sell? Really, consider, do YOU have kerb appeal?

We have worked with a number of retail clients over years designing unique and inspiring shop sign-age, from barbers and hairdressers, to florists and gift shops. So, if your store is looking a bit tired, or perhaps you’re opening a new business on the high street, give us a call or email john@candidcreative.co.uk.