Love your neighbour- the benefits of a co-working space


tribes-office-design-2Isolation is a challenge that many small, independent business owners feel. Although working from home can have its virtues (the option to work in nothing other than your PJ’s for example), home offices can become very uninspiring and distracting. اسامي كونكر Regardless of your efforts to make your space look and feel like a professional office, you cannot recreate the bustle of other people around you. You miss having somebody else to bounce ideas off, somebody else to make the tea and somebody else to have a Christmas party with. ruby fortune

Co-working spaces for freelancers and small businesses owners have become hugely popular across UK cities. With global giants such as Google and Facebook at the forefront of the co-working trend and preaching the importance of inspiring office spaces, more and more independent professionals are signing up.

Aside from getting you out of the house for a few hours and saving you a whole lot of money that would otherwise be spent on fancy lattes in your local coffee shop, co-working spaces have a range of benefits, sure to enhance your daily performance at work.


Co-working offices are especially handy for small start-up businesses offering affordable, flexible contracts. For these businesses, co-working spaces are a fairly low risk option, they are hassle free and you can use the facilities on your terms much like your home office.

 Social interaction

The benefits of social interaction cannot be underestimated when it comes to an inspiring work environment. Co-working offices are built upon strong communities. The idea of sharing an office with 20 total strangers may seem daunting at first, but being able to talk to somebody else about your ideas is hugely constructive. فيلم سباق السيارات  

Unexpected collaborations

Being part of a co-working community may mean you will never have to attend awkward formal business networking event ever again. Shared office spaces are breeding grounds for unexpected collaborations; a brief connection over a cup of tea in the kitchen could spark a new business relationship.


Co-working spaces are melting pots of creativity. With new relationships being developed, questions are posed and problems are solved. They provide the opportunity for continual idea development. Not to mention, also offering the advantage of allowing you to look at something other than your own familiar four walls.


Unlike your cosy home office, co-working spaces are very suitable places to meet with your professional clients. Many shared office spaces offer facilities such as conference rooms, coffee lounges and meeting rooms, for when you really want to make a good impression.