E-cards vs Traditional Christmas Cards- making the right impression



Christmas Card Banner

It may feel like the summer has only just begun, but as we step into Autumn and the leaves begin to fall, many businesses are already starting to plan for the busiest time of the year.

For businesses, Christmas is a great opportunity to reach out to your clients and customers, thank them for their support and remind them of your work. Over the past few years, we have seen a huge rise in the number of E-Cards sent, replacing the traditional Christmas card sent in the post.

Sending an E-Card is undoubtedly easier than sending a traditional card. With one click, your festive greetings can be sent to an entire database faster than you can say ‘sticky figgy pudding’. It’s certainly ‘greener’, saving on card, printing and envelopes, it’s unquestionably cheaper and of course, only requires a small amount of time out of your hectic December schedule. However, the efficiency of the E-card has begun to work against it. Due to it’s simplicity and accessibility, our inbox’s have become cluttered with E-Cards- most of which remain unread, sent to trash or just left to pile up. Is it time for the traditional Christmas card to make it’s comeback? ­

Unlike an E-card, the entire office can see a traditional card. A well-designed card will remain on your client’s desk for the entire season, an indirect but constant reminder of you and your business. Your client will appreciate the time and effort you have put into a traditional card and it’s a personal touch that may differentiate you from your competitors.

So what makes the perfect Christmas card?

When choosing your Christmas cards this year, it’s important to consider your target audience. If your clients are busy corporate executives, than an E-Card is most certainly going to go straight into an already cluttered inbox.

It’s also crucial to stay true to your brand. You want your card to reinforce your business personality and really remind your clients what they love about you, so choose a design that reflects this. Perhaps include a seasonal recipe, a winter activity checklist, or a crafty decoration guide for a nostalgic gesture.

Try to avoid taking the easy road just because it’s easy. Your clients will be able to tell who has skimped on effort and most importantly, don’t use your Christmas card to sell.

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