The gift of giving back


Ways your small business can make a big difference to your community.

We are lucky. Our hometown is bursting with ambitious and forward thinking entrepreneurs and motivated business owners, presenting a scene that is actually quite rare in towns across the UK today. Penarth is a bustling mecca of small, unique independents standing tall against the giant chains that are dominating elsewhere. Luck

ier still, we have a loyal community behind us, proud and passionate about supporting the towns new and old businesses, keen to attend our events, shop our products, and drink our coffee.

I am sure, every business owner in Penarth understands the importance of ‘giving back’ to the kind community that supports them, but as a small business, many may struggle to get around the fact that they are short on time and low on funds. But, there are many meaningful ways to give back to your community that don’t involve shelling out lots of money or spending a week working for free.

You could…

  1. Encourage your employees to volunteer

Motivating your employees so that they can assist you in some volunteer work every now and then is a great way to give back. You could spend a few hours collecting rubbish, or cooking for a homeless shelter. Not only is this more cost effective than writing a cheque, it will also work as a great staff training day building on communication and team working skills.

  1. Share your expertise

This costs nothing but as a business owner, you will have a wealth of knowledge and experience unbeknown to others. Stop worrying about someone pinching your ideas, if your not going to action them then why not make a suggestion to someone else? After all, if it benefits the community, then it is benefitting you too!

  1. Hire and buy local

This may seem an obvious one, but try your best to keep your business local. Support them and they will support you, and your customers will love you for it. لعبة كازينو اون لاين Buy local produce, hire local talent and sell to local retailers. As an independent, your selling point should be that you provide a product or service that is completely unique to you or your area and you should embrace this in everything you do. أصل لعبة الدومينو

  1. Sponsor a local event

Think outside the box- you don’t have to necessarily pay to sponsor a local event. Offering your services at a discount or even offering your time could allow you to negotiate your name in the events promotion. Not only will your logo reach the eyes of the hundreds of people across the town, it is far more cost-effective than an expensive ad in a paper.

  1. Get out there

The biggest contribution you can make to your community is simply being an active part of it. Get out there, meet the other business owners and attend events. The hour you put aside each week to meet new people and share your love of your town will be noted by your fellow business owners, and will be greatly appreciated by your community. سباق