Have yourself a very local Christmas


Have yourself a very local Christmas header

Whether your ready for it or not, Christmas is coming and last night was the start of our festive trading as we introduced our new Custom Christmas Card service to a room full of fellow busy business owners in Penarth.

We’ve been a part of the Business Women Penarth group since the summer, and this thriving community of passionate and creative entrepreneurs is now like a (very large) family. Full to the brim with ladies from all trades, the support and friendship gained from this group is second to none and so incredibly important for the continued success of a traditional seaside town outside of a big city.

The difference between the BWP ladies and some other, more corporate network events that I have attended in the past; is simply that when we say we will support each other, we’re telling the truth. This doesn’t mean simply retweeting them or waving through the window as we walk past. لعبه الفواكه It means we buy each others products, we attend each others events and we embark on joint business adventures together. We really do try our best to keep it local. However, we are all guilty to heading to the big chains in the city as Christmas draws nearer for last minute panic buys. ون كارد السعودية In fact, I am totally guilty of this, as I do most of my Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve. This year is different. This year, I pledge to keep my ‘shop local’ mantra going strong throughout December. No more last minute socks and chocolates, my Christmas shopping is going to be sourced with love and thought and purchased from the local traders I have come to know so well – who’s with me?

In case you needed convincing, here are just a few benefits of shopping local:

It’s good for the economy

It’s an obvious one really, but research by Sage shows that for every £1 spent with a small business, 63p of it stays in the local economy compared with only 40p with larger businesses. It all adds up!

You are supporting local entrepreneurs

Small towns are often hotbeds of innovation, with close knit communities full to the brim with the next generation of talent. Unlike the monster chains, small businesses listen to their customers and know them on a personal level, so are constantly reinventing their ranges, putting them at the forefront of trends.

No-one else will have it!

Little boutiques will obviously, only buy in a small quantities, so the likelihood of you bumping into somebody wearing the same jumper at a New Years Eve party, is very unlikely. These quirky, unique gems will show you have put thought into their gift, and isn’t that what its all about?

This year, join us, and put your money where your house is. Lets shop local this Christmas. نادي ليفربول الإنجليزي