5 things we’re ticking off our summer bucket list this year in Penarth


Penarth Summer Bucket List

Nowadays we all tend to be so busy with our businesses and jobs that we have to remind ourselves to take advantage of the longer evening’s and sunny weekends throughout the summer. Given the glorious sunshine today, it got us talking about what we planned on seeing, doing, eating and visiting over the weeks ahead. Take a peek below to see our top bucketlist picks for Penarth this summer.

1.  Seeing as much as we can during the Penarth Summer Festival

There’s always so much to do and see during the Penarth Summer Festival, made so much better by good weather and company. My top pick would have to be the annual Downhill Derby in front of the esplanade, which is always guaranteed to bring in the crowds each year. Note, to do this right, working your way through a 99 flake whatever the weather plays a vital role.

2. Finding some crafty little gems at the Ppod Contemporary Market

We love little craft markets and Penarth is brimming with talented creatives and artists. The Ppod Contemporary Market on 12th June 2016 at The Paget Rooms will be the perfect place to find some pretty treasures and gifts including some sunny Penarth prints from our friends at de la mer art. With artisan food, craft beer, workshops and proper coffee, We can’t wait.

3. Feeding all those summer sugar cravings with a visit to our new favourite local Café, the Crepe Escape

With it’s sky blue rustic interior, you are transported straight to the beach at this pretty new café on Glebe Street. Savoury or sweet, there’s a crepe for everybody and some yummy Gelato for those days when it’s just too hot to do anything (We can dream right?)

4. Getting some good old fresh Penarth sea air and taking a water taxi across the bay for an iced coffee in the sun

For as long as I have lived in Penarth, this is something that I have never done, always putting it off due to weather and the fear of looking like I’ve been dragged through a hedge when I get to the other side. But this summer I’m determined, motivated by the wealth of scrummy café’s that can greet me on the waterfront when I get there.

5. Spending a sunny Friday afternoon relocating our office to the Pilot Pub

I would like to say that this is something we have also never done, but unfortunately it’s always a permanent fixture on our summer ‘to do’ list. You just can’t beat it on a sunny Friday afternoon putting you in the perfect mood to kickstart the weekend.

What’s on your bucketlist this summer? Find us on Twitter and let us know with the #momentofjoy.