Luxury Programme for Nathan Palmer’s first bespoke fashion show


Last month we were given the superb task of building a programme for Nathan Palmer’s bespoke fashion show. The event, which took place on the 2nd of September at Hensol Castle oozed luxury and elegance from the location, the dress code and the beautiful bespoke collection.


It was essential that we depicted the high end luxuriousness of the brand, products and sponsors through the programme.

Printed on the finest materials the thick black velvety cover is imprinted with the logo in gold foil.

The design of the programme itself was kept simple, allowing the content to breathe through the abundance of white space. Strong imagery of the bespoke garments permitted the quality of the tailoring and materials to speak for themselves. Headings and contacts were subtly accented with gold, highlighting those intricate luxurious details, which are significant to the brand.

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For more information about Nathan Palmers bespoke tailoring head online: