2017… Are you on trend?



Trends emerge and fade subtly around us, influenced by culture, media, technology, fashion and other industries.

They can have a huge impact on how our businesses are perceived and how our messages are interpreted by the rest of the world.

We forecast trends by looking at emerging patterns in lifestyle and society.

The speedy advancement of technology has a significant impact on design trends for 2017 as we move from the introduction of the smart phone a decade ago to a world where most things can now be controlled by an ‘app’ viewed on a multitude of platforms.

Our emergence in technology is changing us, our lives and how we perceive the world.

Here are the five top trends set to emerge and grow in 2017.



Simple and malleable these logos are clean and responsive. Eligible and clear on a multitude of devices from cinematic screens to mobile phones, the style is designed to keep up with the ever evolving selection of formats and scales available to consumers and is set to grow and develop over 2017.



This trend is nostalgic and personal with simple, childlike images and refreshing in a digitally saturated enviroment. Large companies are using elements from this trend in a bid to appeal to the consumer on a more personal and nostalgic level.

There really is something very welcoming and warm about hand drawn illustrations!



This trend is exactly as it says on the tin, it’s not ‘vintage’ or ‘old’ but retro with a clean modern flare. It is a fusion of new and old which came through in 2016 in the form of packaging, web designs and company logos.

Typically the retro influence comes from the 80’s and 90’s with pixelated art, arcade game and bold striking colours.



With the increase of apps and screens this style of layout is becoming very pertinent in design. As we move from the bygone era, where we would intricately scan through pages of document text, information is now availble to us on screen at the click of a button.

Research suggests that consumers attention spans are shortened as a result of digital lifestyle. It’s therefore no surprise that this trend is set to grow and as we approach 2017.



This trend has a minimal look which again can translate well across a multitude of devices. Simplicity and functionality are key within this trend and it very visual often translating deep, double meanings through the composition.

Working on trend can be very effective within a business as it keeps it fresh and current but it is important to be aware of your brand and ensure that the trend fits in with your brand ethos.

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