Candid Creative 2016 highlights- Part 2 Charities


We have had some great opportunities to work with inspiring charities over 2016 from logo design to marketing and here are some of our highlights from the year.

Single Parents Wales

It was a privelidge to work with the team from Single Parents Wales to develop this responsive logo. Amy came to us a few months back in with her new charity to support single parents. The team are looking to open up a cafe and drop in centre for single parents and we were given the task to design a strong, simple, gender neutral logo.

The logo was to appeal to men, women and children so we used a strong san serif font encompassed within a circle. The primary colours are child friendly along with the strong geometric shapes which could indicate the building blocks of support from the charity.


Resilient not Reliant

We have worked a lot with the Royal Voluntary Service and we were very happy to be given the opportunitiy to create a logo, brand and marketing material for their resilient not reliant service in Leeds.

Aimed at helping older people in the LS7 area of Leeds to make healthier choices about alcohol the service offered support and advice to enable them to manage their own health and wellbeing.

Keeping on brand with the Royal Voluntary Service by using their brand colours we aimed to build an iconic logo that depicted companionship and support. The interlinking shapes represent strength and support whilst the outline highlights the two R’s for resilient and reliant.


Positive Steps

Another project from the Royal Voluntary Service Positive Steps supports older people across Wales to maintain and regain their independence whilst living in the community.

The logo was to be bright and uplifting which was achieved through the use of bold bright colours and movement. The steps ascend upwards as our eyes are drawn from the vibrant red  depicting a positive journey


Grandfest marketing

This prestigious event takes place every year and in the run up to the event you can see our creative marketing in the underground, newspapers and billboards across London. We were delighted to put together all the marketing material for the event from banners, fliers to billboards.