Dramatic Typography


As a designer I am not reticent when it comes to my love of typography and I am often overwhelmed by the scope of the topic.

Society is saturated with digital Typography from road signs, to mobile phones. With the average person spending up to 11 hours a day swiping through electronic media the subject of typography is rising in interest throughtout mainstream society.

Typography’s main purpose has always and will always be readability and functionality but the trend for dramatic typography has led to visually striking typefaces and design.


  • Communicates the message of the text
  • Works in conjunction with design
  • Responsive and suits technological requirements
  • Has a memorable, lasting impact.

The evolution of typography follows trends as it reinvents itself to sit alongside cultural changes. Currently san serif fonts are particularly pertinent with the increase of technological media as they are favoured for the readability and responsiveness on a multitude of devices.

Dramatic typography does n’t have to be big and striking but can be small and subtle in order to create a sense of drama. It does not conflict simple typography styles but can be mutually comprehensive as often less is more when it comes to making your type stand out.


Why is type so important to your brand?

Type adds character and can have a drastic impact on the mood and tone of voice for your brand and message. Whilst the right type can have a signicant impact on the success of your brand the wrong type can lead to drastic reprocussions.

Scripted hand font:

This font humanises the brand on a digital platform and creates a personal touch. Not used so much in the corporate world but very popular within service industries.


Scripted hand font:

The example below is still scripted hand and creates a personal touch but demonstrates how different styles can create attitude and transform a message. This is a much sharper example making a stronger dramatic statement.


Other techniques used enhance the role of type include Scaling text to make a statement through size, isolating fonts and creative use of simple fonts.